Miss U Sms

Miss me or Hate me SMS
Both are in my favour.

If you miss me,
I will always be in your heart.

If you hate me,
I will always be in ur mind.

To die a physical death is quick, but to die an emotional death is slow and menacing, almost calculating.

Memories sometimes behave in a crazy way. They leave u alone,

when u are in a crowd & when u are alone they stand along with u like a crowd.

If a butterfly come close to u''

If a perfumed rose touches ur face''

If ur mobile dance on a nice tune''

Remember its me trying to say u " I MISS UUUUUU "

Smile…. Miss you sms

Smile in pleasure, Smile in pain,

Smile when trouble spours like rain,

Smile when someone hurt you,

Smile because someone miss you.

LIFE is a LIE when F is missing. 

'F' is nothing but your friendship. 

Hope I will never miss this 'F' ever in my LIFE…

In The Flower My Rose Is You,

In The Diamond My Kohinoor Is You,

In The Sky My Moon Is You,

I'm Only Body My Heart Is You,

That's Why I Always MISS YOU

U Think I Miss U 

U Think I Care 4 U 

U Think I Like U 

U Think I'm Crazy About u Well .. ... ....I 

Like Da Way U Think!

You must be a good runner because you are always running in my mind,

you must be a good thief because you have stolen my heart,

and I am always a bad shooter because I Miss You Always...

When u look at me

i feel i m fine

when u call me

i feel i m good

when u ask me

i feel i m intelligent

when u see me

i feel i m beautiful

when u give me smile

i feel i m happy

when u touch me

i feel i m alive when u talk with me

i feel i m someone Special

and finally when u r not with me

i feel i m NOTHING!


I'm always thinking of you

Thinking of expressing myself

But my words

Just blow away

Just blow away, when I look at you

It always ends up to one thing

I just can't think of

The right words to say.

How can you know me so much

And I know you

If nothing is true?

I know you understand me

But why do you feel the need to tease me?

Why don't you just tell me

It might be easier to please me

Every tear is a sign of brokenness,

every silence is a sign of lonliness,

every smile is a sign of kindness,

every sms is a sign of remembrance.

Miss you always.

There is a pain in my heart which was never there 

Now that you are gone I find the pain filling your absence . 

I miss you

I heard someone whisper your name, 

but when I turned to see who it was, 

noticed it was alone, then realized it was my heart beat telling me “I MISS U”

When sea makes noise

i hear your chatting voice

when snow begins to fall

it's a view of joys for all

when flowers begin to droop

my heart becomes sad for you

when night becomes gloom

it“s a time for everyone to doom

everyone prepares himself to sleep

but for me, it“s a time to cry and weep

at midnight, when everybody sleeps

i miss u, and miss you very deep

There is no sunshine

There are no birds to sing....

In the day and night....

I live lifeless.

So many things....

You brought to me....

With happiness.....

And laughter.

Still I can't think

That you have left me

still I feel your fragrance

In my heart !

There are 2 types of enjoyment.

One is being with a friend.

The other is being with the memories of friends. 

Miss u but not ur memories....

What makes some people Dearer?

It's not just the happiness that u feel 

when u meet them but the pain u feel, 

when u miss them.

Miss U Lot













have I missed something?


i missed "U"

Whnever i miss u.. 

I wont luk 4 u in my dreams.. 

or try to hear ur voice in ur msgs.. 

I jst put my right hand across my chest and ill feel u............

Sumday ul forget me... 

My name, my voice, 

and who I am to you.

But even if you forget me, 

just want u to know that i will never forget 

how much you mean to me.

I wish one day you will miss me terribly 

that no matter how hard you look for me, 

you won't find me.

Why? Because, 

I want you to miss me the way I'm missing...

1 + 1= 2 eyes look at you

12 + 12= 24 HOURS THINKING of u...

3 + 4= 7 days in a week missing u..

1 + 11 = 12 months i always need

a sweet like you..

If u wanna know how much i miss u, 

try to catch rain drops. 

The one u catch is how much u miss me and 

the one u miss is how much I MISS U!

My 1 Heart 

2 Eyes 

7 Liter Blood 

206 Bones 

5.5 million Red cells and 

60 Trillion DNA'S says to U 


The sun rises into the sky with the warmest smile, 

he wishes you a good morning, hoping that you have the perfect day. 

Take care; Miss U

Message: * some text missing*

Sender:* Name Missing * *Number Missing *

Sent: * Date missing * Missing U a lot thats y everything is missing.

Sweet MSG2 

Sweet Heart from 

sweeter 1with sweetest words in 

sweet style on sweet time 4 

sweet reason of xpressing 

sweetest feelings that 

Sweet Heart I MISS U.


NO HATE..............NO LUCK,


NO WAIT.................THEN Y I MISS U?

I hide my tears when I say your name, 

but the pain in my heart is still the same. 

Although I Smile & Seem Carefree, 

There is no one Who misses you more than ME!

ABC: Allways Be Careful;

DEF : Dont Ever Forget (me)

JKLM:Just keep loving Me

NOPQRSTUVW: No other person quite right shall treat u very well.

ur loving XYZ.

The moon said to me if your friend is not messaging u y don't u leave your friend 

I looked back to the moon & said does your sky ever leave u when u don't shine........ 

I miss U

U are TOO far away 4rm me, that why I have to shout: I

M-I-I-I-I-S-S-S-S Y-O-O-U-U! did u hear that? Baby I

love U!

I was in search of warmth

One day last cold December

I saw a small flicker of light

I reached out and

It gave me life

Every time I look into

Your kind, warm eyes

I remember how you gave life

To my once lonely heart.....

In school they taught me that, 

1 hour = 60 min. 

1 min = 60 sec. 

but they never told me that 1 sec. 

without U = 100 years. 

Miss You.

1 day :-)

2 days :-)

3 days :-)

4 days :-)






U may b out of my NAZAR, bt not out of my DIL.

U may b out of my POHANCH, bt u not out of my SOCH.

I may b KUCH BHI NAHIN 2 U, bt u'll always b SAB KUCH 2 ME!!


The moon is looking at u!


stars are shining 4 u!


birds are singing 2 u!


my heart is saying to u


Whenever i feel i miss u, i close my eyes.

I feel that u sit beside me.

I wont open my eyes bcos of the fear that u may come out in my tears.

U & I are friend, when u cry, I cry.

When u laugh, I laugh.

When u hurt me, I hurt.

When u jump off a bridge…

I m sure going to miss u! ;)

I always knew that looking back on my tears would someday make me laugh, 

but I never knew that looking back on my laughter would someday make me cry. 

Miss you.


A:All d time I think of u

L:Lonely am without u

O:On my mind its only u

N:Never ever I'll 4get u

E:Every day I miss U

Lovely msg 4 a 

lovely person from a 

lovely person 4 a 

lovely reason at a lovely time from a

lovely mind in a 

lovely mood in a 

lovely style 2say; i miss u;-

After my death i wil move up to sky ...

I will write your name on every star...

so you look up every night to see how much I miss you..

Sometimes I forget to say Hello

Sometimes I forget to ask are U Okay

Sometimes I forget to say I care

Always remember you are in my thoughts

You are special Not just sometimes









All are incomplete witho_t "U"

That's why i miss "U" a lot..

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