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# “ISLAM” stands for:






# The beautiful word is ALLAH,

Most beautiful song is AZAN,

Best exercise is NAMAZ,

World perfect book is QURAN,

And You are so lucky if YOU are a MUSALMAN.

# Happy Moments - PRAISE ALLAH

Difficult Moments- SEEK ALLAH

Quiet Moments - WORSHIP ALLAH

Painful Moments - TRUST ALLAH

Moment By Moment - THANK ALLAH

# Life is Test,

Islam is best,

Namaz is must,

Aakhrut is for rest,

World is only dust,

If Quran is in chest,nothing need next,

Obey ALLAH first. 1st success wil b next.

# The Shortest Distance between a Problem and it's Solution is the Distance between your Knees and the Floor. The one who Kneels to Allah (Ta'ala) can Stand Up to Anything.

# Verily, Allah does not look towards your bodies nor towards your appearances. But, he looks towards your hearts. (Muslim)

# Watch your Thoughts, they become Words! Watch your Words, they become Actions! Watch your Actions, they become Habits! Watch your Habits, they become Character! Watch your CHARACTER! ..It becomes your DESTINY!!!

# Whenever you give your word, say the truth

# do you know about the things which live after death?

heart -10mins




bones-30days &

Amal-e-soaleha 4ever

so do it in ur life much so as possible

# Little faith says "ALLAH (Azzwajal) Can do it",

Big faith says "ALLAH (Azzwajal) will do it",

But great faith says "It is done"

Nothing is impossible when ALLAH (Azzwajal) is with U...

# Bismillahirahman nirahim..

Greetings of Peace n Salutations 2 our Beloved Nabi e Kareem Mustufa (SallAllah o Alehi Wassalam) Jumma Mubarak ..may Allah(Azzwajal) acept all our duaas n dis Auspicious day.lets remember each other in our sincerst duas.May u all hv an Inspiring Spirutal upliftin day

# Namaz is best.

Exercise Mohammed (SallAllah o Alehi Wassalam) Says:

Fajr - Increases Completion

Zohr - Increases Income

Asr - Improves Health

Magrib - Good Future

Isha - Peaceful sleep

# “Repeat often ‘La hawla wa laa quwwata illa billah (there is no power or strength except with Allah Azzwajal ) for it is from the treasure of Paradise.”

# Before sleping in night ,we shoul Telawat the Four Kull,ever night then we can stop Shataan from us and we should our dream very well,try it

# ALLAH (Azzwajal) has set a seal on their hearts and on their ears, and over their eyes there is a dark covering, and for them is great torment.(surah-ul-baqirah).

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