Love Sms

# Love is a gross exaggeration of the difference between one person and everybody else.

# Love Is ...

Love is the greatest feeling,

Love is like a play,

Love is what I feel for you,

Each and every day,

Love is like a smile,

Love is like a song,

Love is a great emotion,

That keeps us going strong,

I love you with my heart,

My body and my soul,

I love the way I keep loving,

Like a love I can't control,

So remember when your eyes meet mine,

I love you with all my heart,

And I have poured my entire soul into you,

Right from the very start.

# 1000 words I could say,

1000 wishes I could pray,

1000 miles legs could walk,

1000 sounds a mouth could talk,

1000 times i'll b true,

1000 ways 2 say i luv u!

# Loving is like smoking. nice, good at times, but when its finished, you have to throw it or you will get burned.

# Love is just an emotion, like anger or sadness, so stop cursing it, and enjoy!

# Never Have I Fallen

Your lips speak soft sweetness
Your touch a cool caress
I am lost in your magic
My heart beats within your chest

I think of you each morning
And dream of you each night
I think of your arms being around me
And cannot express my delight

Never have I fallen
But I am quickly on my way
You hold a heart in your hands
That has never before been given away

# I love three things: the sun, the moon and you,

The sun for the day,

The moon for the night

And you forever.

Because of you my world is now whole, Because of you love lives in my soul. Because of you I have laughter in my eyes, Because of you I am no longer afraid of good-byes.

# I Asked God For A Flower,

He Gave Me A Garden.

I Asked God For A Tree,

He Gave Me A Forest.

I Asked God For A Sea,

He Gave Me Ocean.

I Asked God For An Angel

He Gave Me YOU…

# I love you
you don't understand
how I feel, well
lemme tell you.

I will do anything
in this world for you
I just can't let you go.

You are the most important
person in my life next
to my flesh.

On and off for 5 years
is a long time.....
to love someone so much.

I love you with all my
heart, nothing can
change that.

Me and You are meant
to be. You are the best

You make me feel as
if I need you to live.

I need you in my life
my life. I am addicted to
you like a drug.

This love here
is unconditional it will
never end.

# "Love is the dessert of the heart - -

the sweet sticky frosting of life."

# I love the way you look at me,
Your eyes so bright and blue.
I love the way you kiss me,
Your lips so soft and smooth.

I love the way you make me so happy,
And the ways you show you care.
I love the way you say, "I Love You,"
And the way you're always there.

I love the way you touch me,
Always sending chills down my spine.
I love that you are with me,
And glad that you are mine.

# I've seen angels in the sky,

I've seen snow fall in July,

I've seen things you could only imagine to see or do,

But I still haven't seen anything sweeter than you!

# True love fears nothing
it does anything for you
it loves you enough
to become you in darkness
to bear your darkness.

True love forgets itself
it will not abandon you
it cares for you enough
to take your pain as its own
to keep you safe.

True love gives up anything for you
it will abandon its treasures
it will leave its own kind
to be with you
to become one of you.

True love fights for you
it stand by you forever
it dissolves into you
to stay with you in this world
to stay with you in other worlds

# "When we are in love,

we see the flowers bloom,

the bluest of skies,

birds sing on our window sill

and butterflies land

on our shoulders.

When love turns sour,

we see dead flowers,

dark thunder clouds

and notice the birds

are tone deaf.

Such is the nature

of love's irony."

# What I Love About You

I love the way you look at me,
Your eyes so bright and blue.
I love the way you kiss me,
Your lips so soft and smooth.

I love the way you make me so happy,
And the ways you show you care.
I love the way you say, "I Love You,"
And the way you're always there.

I love the way you touch me,
Always sending chills down my spine.
I love that you are with me,
And glad that you are mine.

# You are my pillar my stone of strength, With me through all seasons and great times of length. My love for you is pure boundless through space and time, it grows stronger everyday with the knowledge that you'll always be mine.

# I love all the stars in the sky, but they are nothing compared to the ones in your eyes!

# Love Defined

What is love, but an emotion,
So strong and so pure,
That nurtured and shared with another
All tests it will endure?

What is love, but a force
To bring the mighty low,
With the strength to shame the mountains
And halt time’s ceaseless flow?

What is love, but a triumph,
A glorious goal attained,
The union of two souls, two hearts
A bond the angels have ordained?

What is love, but a champion,
To cast the tyrant from his throne,
And raise the flag of truth and peace,
And fear of death o’erthrow?

What is love, but a beacon,
To guide the wayward heart,
A blazing light upon the shoals
That dash cherished dreams apart?

And what is love, but forever,
Eternal and sincere,
A flame that through wax and wane
Will outlive life’s brief years?

So I’ll tell it on the mountaintops,
In all places high and low,
That love for you is my reason to be,
And will never break or bow.

# Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

# LOVE is not blind,it sees more not less.

But because it sees more it is willing to see less..........

# As I feel the tear go down my cheek,I notice that my heart is weak,For the love I have for you,Will always be gold and true,I have made some mistakes, they rest in the past,But know my love will always last,Even though we are a distance apart,You always have the key to my heart.

# Without Love -- dayz are








so be in Love everyday...

# A person who truly loves you and knows you is someone who still sees the pain in your eyes while everyone else still believe the smile on your face.

# "If you don't reject yourself

then no one else has the

power to do it.

Empower yourself with love

and you won't ever feel rejected."

# "If you love and serve man, you cannot, by any hiding or stratagem, escape remuneration."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

# "We are like sunflowers.

They turn toward the sun for

nourishment and growth,

while we turn towards love

for the same benefits.

Let your love turn

others into sunflowers."

Where words fail, action speaks. Where action fails, eyes speak. Where eyes fail, tears speak. And where everything fails, LOVE SPEAKS!

# If all is fair in love, then surely it can't be a level playing field.
# "Without love, life is a Chimera of untangling the webs thrust upon us by own own deceit.

# To love is a duty and right. To be loved is a gift and luck. To love someone who loves u is an achievement. To be loved by someone whom u love is LIFE!

# "Love gives us permission to possess its essence as it is embodied in another Soul."

# "When you are ever on the other end of 'I love you,' you know that all sounds stop for that
split second in time that freezes you into life's others and lifts you to the heavens of

# "Love is the first and last language that we ever need to speak."

# "Love is learning the tender graces of the heart as we adhere to the undulating alchemy of another human being alive in us."

# The paradox of love: We have to hang on to it to give it.

Not possess it, but express it.

Within this paradox, love finds us right where we want to be - between dreaming and


# U r the reason I wake up in the morning, u r the reason I find a way to smile, u r the person who can change everything around when it's going bad. Luv U

# Love ur life coz life is a long journey to go. Life is a game yet to be played more. Life is a question yet to be answered more. Life is a challenge yet to be faced more. So live ur life as long as u can. Every moment is lovable in life.

# Luv is what I see in ur smile. Luv is what I feel in every touch u give. Luv is what I hear in every word u say. Luv is what we share everyday. Luv U!

# Never ask for a kiss, just take it.Never ask for a hug, just give it.Never ask do u Luv me? Say I Luv u.Never say I can't live without u, say I live for U

# Happiness is not something u postpone for the future. It's something u design for the present. Make each moment a happy one. I hv by remembering U!
# Luv doesn't ask who r u? Luv only says u r mine. Luv doesn't ask where r u from? Luv only says U live in my heart. Luv doesn't ask what do u do? Luv only says U make my heart beat. Luv doesn't ask why r u far away? Luv only says u r always with me. Luv doesn't ask Do u love me? Luv only says I LUV U.

# To hear what is unspoken, to see what is invisible, to feel without without even touching... is the miracle called Love.

# People fall in luv not knowing why or how. It's so special a feeling that it doesn't require much answers. U just luv no matter how stupid u become.

# I knew I loved you when I realized that there was no one else I would rather laugh, cry and make memories with. Luv U!

# Loving, knowing that you are going to get hurt is like living knowing that you are going to die. But not loving so you don't get hurt is like killing yourself before you die.

# Giving someone all ur luv is never an assurance that they'll luv u back! Don't expect luv in return; just wait for it to grow in their hearts. But if it doesn't, be content it grew in urs.

# I love you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I am with you.

# Love is falling asleep dreaming of the one that makes you smile and waking up smiling about the one u dream of.

# When I'm away from u, I'm still with u.

When my eyes are closed, I could still c u.

When I'm awake, I still dream of u.

When I feel I have everything, I still need u

& no matter what, I'll always love u.

# Love comes to those who still hope even though they've been disappointed; to those who still believe even though they've been betrayed; to those who still need love even though they've been hurt before.

# I don't know why I'm so afraid to lose u when u r not even mine.

I don't know why I love u so when u don't even love me.

I don't know why u r the one when I'm just a someone to u.


# Love talked about is easily turned aside,

But love demonstrated is irresistible. ...

~ Stan Mooneyham

# Love is a friendship caught on fire....

# To love is to receive a glimpse of heaven....

~ Karen Sunde

# In love, there is always one who kisses

And one who offers the cheek....

~ French Proverb

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